Warranty and Guarantee

The warranty is valid for two years from the date of purchase and is regulated by law.


The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty applies on the continent where the device was purchased, and takes the form of a Bring-In warranty.

During the warranty period, appliances that develop defects due to material and manufacturing faults will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Exchanged appliances or parts thereof shall become our property. Exercise of the warranty shall not extend the warranty period or trigger a new warranty.

Warranty claims

  • Have the following documents ready, as they form the basis for making claims arising from your guarantee or warranty:

- Delivery note (date of start of the warranty period)

- Invoice (proof of purchase)

- Warranty certificate with device serial number

  • Please contact our Customer Service.
  • Please do not send your appliance to one of our warehouses or to our head office without contacting us first, as our Service Centers are located elsewhere. The parcel would be returned to you at your own expense in such cases.
  • If the defect is covered by the statutory guarantee or our warranty scope, you will receive either a new, a repaired or a replacement device within a reasonable period of time. In such cases, J+ AMERICAS, Inc. will cover the return postage costs to the following countries: USA, CND, MEX.

Warranty exclusions

Warranty claims are void if:

  • there is evidence of incorrect or inappropriate handling, operation or transport
  • the device has not been used as intended
  • adapters or cables other than original J+ CONNECTOR safety adapters and cables have been used
  • accessories or spare parts other than those recommended or supplied by the manufacturer have been used
  • the J+ CONNECTOR safety adapter or cable has been disconnected while under load
  • the device was disconnected from the wall outlet while under load/during charging
  • there is corrosion on the plug contacts due to persistent humidity and/or damp
  • water or other liquids ingress the device via unprotected or unplugged plugs or connectors.
  • the operating instructions have not been observed
  • major environmental factors (humidity, heat, power surges, dust, etc.) impact the device
  • damage is incurred due to short circuits or over-voltages generated by the vehicle
  • if the appliance is returned in inappropriate protective packaging
  • an accident or unforeseen event (e. g. lightning, water, fire, force majeure) occurs
  • the safety precautions applicable to the device have not been taken
  • if safety instructions and hazard warnings have not been heeded
  • force has been applied to the device (e. g. if it has been subject to impact or collision, or if it has been dropped, run over, crushed, or destroyed)
  • you have attempted to repair the device yourself
  • the device has been tampered with by someone other than our authorized Service Centers
  • modifications have been made to the device by anyone other than the manufacturer
  • The housings, plugs or cables have been opened or tampered with.

The warranty does not cover:

  • any type of conventional wear and tear, or wear to the housing, rubber parts, cables, cable sleeves or connectors;
  • Loss of the electric shock protective touch guards on the J+ CONNECTOR plug. This does not affect safety or function, is not required by any standard, and is there-fore excluded from the warranty.


We will be happy to repair any defects or damage to the appliance not (or no longer) covered by the warranty, but a fee will be charged. Please contact our Customer Services team for an individual quote. You are responsible for shipping costs.

A processing fee will be charged for devices sent in without any defects or with defects that are not covered by the warranty in the event that the client decides not to have them repaired.

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