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"This EV charger is super rugged and has a ton of options for adapters to plug into about any outlet. Works great and you do not have to worry about it being damaged from a campground or other not-so-civilized charging location.”

S. Wellborn
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"After messing around with various chargers that claimed to be waterproof but failed after a rain, this charger has been very durable and reliable. Charge amperage selection is very useful and unique."

Brandon L.
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"2 EV Chargers in one. Extremely well built! Comes with 120 and 240V adapters. Excellent charger."

Thomas S.
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"This is the only UL certified charger currently sold in the United States. And works very well. It's definitely expensive, but that's what you get for a level 2 EV charger like this. [...] Definitely the best built charger I've seen."

Chris W.
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"It works great on my Audi E Tron q4. Has a 6-50 adapter and is a quality portable charger"

William C.
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"Portable charger handy carry case. Easy to mount."

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"So far I have loved this charger, as it allows me to set the rate at which my F-150 Lightning charges. I'd prefer to not be dumping a ton of power into the battery if I don't need to, and the j+ booster 2 lets me dial down the power if it isn't necessary."

J D. Mackes
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“ If you need to replace your charger or just need a backup, this is a super heavy duty, well-built option that will give you the ability charge up to 40A at home or abroad. It came with everything I needed to be prepared while on the road.”

Chris Hales
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